High Mast Maintenance

High Masts, whether made by CU Phosco® or other manufacturers, are substantial pieces of equipment and with proper maintenance they will last much longer than their design life. CU Phosco® can check the structural soundness of High Masts to confirm that they will be safe for extended use. At the end of the design life of a High Mast the lanterns or floodlights, if original, will seem well out of date to a modern engineer. CU Phosco® offer a refit service to bring old masts up to date by fitting new more energy efficient luminaires, checking and refurbishing or replacing the lantern ring, headframe, ropes, electrical cables and winches.

By implementing a structured maintenance programme CU Phosco® Lighting can ensure compliance with all current legislation and enhance the life of the equipment. CU Phosco® Lighting also has the ability to carry out maintenance on other manufacturers’ high mast equipment.

CU Phosco® Lighting's maintenance engineers are highly qualified and trained and are subject to a continual programme of training and development including the following:
  • ILP
  • Lumicom
  • Highways Electrical Registration Scheme Approved
  • Constructionline