The desire from the council was to deliver good lighting in LED to assist in reducing energy consumption and to embrace white light solutions on the selected county roads.


Lighting design options were undertaken and the P850/P851 LED road lantern selected at varying outputs to suit the exact road requirements. 

The CU Phosco® luminaires incorporate the Aeroflow® thermal management solution which maximise life of the Philips Lumileds Luxeon M LEDs.

The reflector design is such that the lantern can achieve a G6/G4 luminous intensity class when installed with 0 degree tilt.

The P850 weight is 15kg and the P851 weight is 9.5kg, with a very low wind area, the lantern was considered the perfect solution to be installed onto existing column assets in the given locations.


The existing lanterns were 150W Son burning approx. 180 total circuit watts. Replacing them with the LED lantern options demonstrated an excellent energy saving result.
68% Energy Saving (Dimmed)
45% Energy Saving (Full Power)