Bournemouth County Council was looking to significantly reduce both its energy and carbon levels as the current commitment of the £1.1 million bill going forward wasn’t sustainable for the authority. With the predicted increase in energy and the authorities’ growing lighting inventory, Bournemouth made the decision that 'Invest to Save' was the only viable option to keep the lights.


Various options were open to Bournemouth CC but a global, one for one replacement option, to replace existing stock was decided upon for ease of installation by the contractor. With 11535 units to replace the age and varying applications of the existing column stock needed to be considered, with this in mind the P852 LED luminaire was selected to replace their residential stock. The range of optics allowed coverage of the applications involved but the wide distribution was the best fit to cover most eventualities. Additionally the low weight of the P852 at just 4.5kgs was a major deciding factor.

The added re-assurance of the Philips integral pre-set dimmed programmable driver, and the latest Philips Lumiled Luxeon T LEDs allowed Bournemouth CC to maximise their energy savings without the need for a CMS system.

Flexibility and ease of installation for the contractor was key, they held both side entry and post top adaptors to improve efficiency of mass installation on site, and all luminaires were pre-cabled during manufacture. The project had a 22 week manufacturing deadline to meet to enable the contractor to achieve the project installation date, CU Phosco® Lighting and SSE worked very closely to ensure that this was achieved.

Bournemouth CC required the greenest possible solution overall for this project, saving both energy and carbon. The existing lanterns in Bournemouth were 70W Son (conventional magnetic gear) burning approx. 90 total circuits’ watts. Replacing these with the P852 LED luminaire demonstrated an excellent energy & carbon reductions with a 72% energy saving. In addition to this CU Phosco® Lighting were able to save 5.65 tonne of cardboard by utilising reusable plastic crates to supply Bournemouth CC with all 11535 of their luminaires.



“The Bournemouth LED project has been one of the most enjoyable projects I have worked on in my 30 year career in lighting. From its inception to completion all parties involved in the project, CU Phosco®, SSE Enterprise and Bournemouth Council have worked together to ensure the satisfactory completion of the work. It was pleasing to use the products of CU Phosco with many of the components manufactured, and units assembled in Britain. The units have performed well and I look forward to the installation of the new P855 fitting on the highmasts throughout Bournemouth.”

Mr Chris Hardy, I.eng; M.I.L.P
Lighting Engineer, Bournemouth County Council


45% Energy Saving