Mid Hinge Columns

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Mid hinge lighting columns allow luminaires to be maintained safely at ground level. CU mid hinge lighting columns can be operated quickly by one person. They do not require the spring or hydraulic counterbalance required for base hinge lighting columns, where tools can be costly to buy and maintain.

CU mid hinge lighting columns can be maintained by the user without the need to hire lifting platforms. Their use can be an advantage in situations where space is limited or where access for lifting platforms is difficult, for example, footpaths and walkways, car parks, railways, ports.

CU mid hinge lighting columns are designed to BS EN 40. Available in a range of heights from 4m to 18m with either octagonal or parallel sides.
  • Finish hot dip galvanised
  • Glass Flake Root
  • Our G1 & G2A equivalent
  • Flush door
  • Security lock
Please download product brochure for full specification details and available options: