After working with CU Phosco in the telecoms industry over the years I would like to commend and recommend their staff for their approach. Always on the phone and willing to answer any questions from technical, engineering or logistical as well as being very proactive to resolve any issues encountered.
their approach makes the job much easier and all are a pleasure to work with as well as producing a first class product.
Stansted Airport engaged CU Phosco Lighting to replace the existing High Mast Lighting across the airfield with LED technology. Following a successful trial with four masts at the airport, with positive feedback from airside users and third parties, the wider replacement scheme was completed across 2016 and 2017. Additionally, a new control system allowing LEDs to be grouped and controlled individually was embedded providing additional resilience and the ability to calibrate the lighting programme to maximise efficiencies. Together, this reduced energy consumption by ~1 million kWh per annum and significantly improved the quality of apron lighting.

Engaging a contractor capable of the design, manufacture and installation facilitated a single point of contact for the works and proved effective in promptly managing and absorbing changes to scope.

Conclusively, CU Phosco adopted a pragmatic and collaborative delivery approach with the airport, allowing the project to be completed ahead of schedule and within budget.
Having recently dealt with CU Phosco from a procurement point of view for our M62 column and luminaires scheme, I can only praise and thank them on their overall assistance.  From the Area Sales Manager, Stephen Hart, who never faulted to my insistent call for assistance, to Carey Norris who co-ordinated the delivery of columns as required.  All in all it's been a smooth run operation, thanks again.
The Bournemouth LED project has been one of the most enjoyable projects I have worked on in my 30 year career in lighting. From its inception to completion all parties involved in the project, CU Phosco, SSE Enterprise and Bournemouth Council have worked together to ensure the satisfactory completion of the work. It was pleasing to use the products of CU Phosco with many of the components manufactured, and units assembled in Britain. The units have performed well and I look forward to the installation of the new P855 fitting on the highmasts throughout Bournemouth.
When the chance came to re-light part of the City Centre I turned to CU Phosco® for help.  They provided a one stop shop carrying out the initial surveys, full lighting design and supplied all the equipment including the column, bracket and their new P851 lantern.  The P851 combines aesthetically pleasing looks with good performance and good energy saving properties.  The scheme has produced an excellent night time space. I will be definitely using this solution in the future.  
We have been associated with CU Phosco for the prestigious New Doha Port Project in Doha, Qatar. CU Phosco have been market leaders in High Mast Lighting as known to us, it was definitely a great experience working with them in the port. We were impressed in their facilities in the UK and their adaptability in designing customized decorative columns and lanterns. Their customers service and follow up is fantastic.
I wish CU Phosco continued success and  goodluck on the year ahead.          
After a tender process the CU Phosco P852 was chosen which at just 16W energy consumption provided a quality output utilising Philips Lumiled Luxeon T LEDs with a matching dimmable Philips Driver producing an energy saving of over 45%.

Secondly by using this Philips Dimmable driver a further dimming regime was added outside of the busiest peak periods from midnight onwards, which reduced energy usage but still providing a good quality output of light.               
Having worked with CU Phosco® over the last 20 odd years, I cannot recommend the staff highly enough. The technical backup is only ever a phone call away, and as a contractor, that gives us great confidence when taking on big projects. Nothing, no matter how difficult to achieve is too much for the guys and girl at CU Phosco®.
Their products, particularly their latest LED lanterns have been leading the field in innovation and design, and are easy to use on site.

We look forward to dealing with CU for years to come.