Derbyshire County Council was looking at significantly reducing the energy consumption within their region whilst providing good quality LED lighting to improve the aesthetics currently produced by the older existing type stock Sox and Son HID lanterns.


One of the major options was to look at the oldest residential 35W Sox refurbishment stock which would be located on “existing one for one” 6mtr or 5mtr columns around the county. After a tender process the Phosco P852 was chosen which, at just 16W energy consumption, provided a quality output utilising Philips Lumiled Luxeon T LEDs with a matching dimmable Philips Driver producing an energy saving of over 45%.


Secondly by using this Philips Dimmable driver a further dimming regime was added outside of the busiest peak periods from midnight onwards, which reduced energy usage but still providing a good quality output of light. Thus helping to produce further savings in order to enable a financial return for investment for the future.

On the 8mtr columns the P851 (74w) was chosen which utilises 12 x Philips Luxeon LEds and Philips FULLY Dimmable driver for replacing existing 90W Sox or 100W Son again making significant energy savings for the Local Authority whilst still improving the quality of light over previous HID lanterns.



By changing their street lighting from Sox and SON HID luminaires to Phosco® LED's Derbyshire County Council have made an energy saving of over 45%.
45% Energy Saving