Project Overview

In December 2016 Derbyshire County Council commenced a £32 million pound Invest to Save Project to convert its 92,000 street lights to LED technology. Since then over 40,000 LED street lights have been installed vastly reducing energy consumption within the county.
The authority is utilising a robust framework of luminaire suppliers for the project.  The framework allows the council to release bids for lanterns required for suppliers to respond.  These are broken down into geographical areas and awarded based on lead time and best value.  Where one or more suppliers can meet the desired delivery program the works are issued to the supplier with the best value pricing on the framework.  The framework is issued each year to suppliers so the council can re-evaluate any energy reduction or price savings.

The framework is challenging in the sense that there is no pre-determined commitment of a forward schedule to produce and plan accordingly.  In some cases the required delivery dates have been very short notice periods of a week or two to begin volume deliveries.  CU Phosco have been able to commit to this thanks to strong supply chain support and healthy production capacity. 

Results and Benefits

As one of the approved suppliers, CU Phosco Lighting have manufactured P852 luminaires for the residential aspect of the project since December 2016.  Within the traffic schemes P862 lanterns have been supplied in year 2.  For the specialist traditional requirements of the market towns and parish areas a small amount of P111 and P514 have been supplied.

With a dedicated Project Manager to the client and contractors the framework is serviced professionally and efficiently. 

Derbyshire County Council are in the second year of conversions and once this latest round of lanterns has been installed it will bring the total of new LEDs around the county to 55,500.



Size and Value

Over 31,000 luminaires supplied in total, contract value to date £3.9M
Product returns have been minimal with only 0.2% requiring investigation on the contract